ul. Krucza 41/43 lok.31
00-525 Warsaw

office: (22) 243 61 10
mobile: 606 817 885

house cleaning

We will clean for you as we do for ourselves!


- long-term care of your house or flat – cleaning on a regular basis with a 10% discount

- one-off house and flat cleaning on an on-call basis

- move-out and move-in cleaning

- washing of windows and blinds, hanging of curtains and net curtains

- laundry and ironing (at home or collected to be done elsewhere)

- cleaning of carpets, lining and upholstered furniture

office cleaning

A service that will meet your expectations!


- regular cleaning – day, afternoon or night service

- one-off cleaning, for particular occasions or provision of a substitution service

- cleaning of windows, shop windows and blinds

- cleaning of lining and upholstered furniture

- machine floor cleaning

tidying and cleaning following construction

Always on time and under control!


- thorough, comprehensive cleaning and tidying of newly built houses and facilities

- cleaning and tidying after building renovation works, painting and installation replacement

- incidental tidying up during fitting out of a residence

- machine floor cleaning

- professional cleansing agents and all equipment needed

- constant supervision over the cleaning team

emergency cleaning

Cleaning on demand!


- cleaning after flooding and power failures

- move-out and move-in cleaning

- cleaning of restaurants and shops prior to visits by sanitary inspectors

- cleaning services for special events (preparation of the facility, ongoing services during the event, cleaning after the event)

- cleaning after a deceased person

- cleaning and tidying a film set